As we all know, Body Odor can be a real pest. It can become even more of a pest for those who are a little overweight. When we have skin folds in certain areas it means that there is a decreased flow of air, resulting in an increase in sweat. Once the sweat is released and comes into contact with our skin bacteria an odd and unpleasant smell is produced. Just to be clear, you don’t have to be largely overweight for this to happen, any person where skin touches skin will experience this this Odor. These places include, but are not limited to, under your knees, under your arms, under your beast fold or in-between your toes. Don’t get too overwhelmed, this is something we can improve with a few handy tips.

First things first, when we wake up we should have a shower to start our day right. Use a nice smelling soap that has some antibacterial properties in it. You may need to shower twice a day if you are very overweight as your skin folds will be larger and need extra care.A few tricks to aide Body Odor in Overweight People.

The use of a Crystal Rock body deodoriser can be a handy way to eliminate an environment for Bacteria to grow. If you wet the stick and apply it to high sweating areas such as; thigh rolls, tummy rolls, behind your knees or any other skin folds that you think of.

This one should be something we all naturally do anyway. Wear an antiperspirant and deodorant underneath your arms. Roll on deodorant is a lot more effective than spray on. As the name suggests, antiperspirants stop you from perspiring (sweating), while the deodorant will aide in reutilising your odor that is caused through bacteria. According to the Mayo Clinic,  if you use a combination of these products, you are more likely to decrease your body Odor.

The clothes we wear can have a large impact on how much we sweat as well. Make sure you make the right choices that allow for a nice airflow to help circulate freshness through.

One of my favourites is to use a nice smelling perfume that you can keep handy throughout the day. Nothing makes you feel and smell fresher than spraying a nice scent and freshening up after lunch. You may want to reapply deodorant at the same time – just to keep things in order !

If we manage to get through these steps on a daily basis than we will be on our way to smelling fresher, feeling better and becoming more confident in ourselves !

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