What is InFresh Natural Bad Breath?

InFresh Natural Bad Breath are chewable mint flavored tablets that use a proprietary blend of herbs that may help address bad breath. This review will give customers an insight into this product, and how it works. The mint tablets work similarly to other mints on the market but use natural ingredients rather than synthetic versions. This product is sugar-free and lactose-free and is made in the United States.


The ingredients of this proprietary blend of herbs are all natural, but only a few are listed.

  • Parsley leaf
  • Organic wheat grass
  • Menthae herba field mint


The instructions state to place the tablet onto your tongue and to let it dissolve partially, then after it has slightly dissolved the tablet can be chewed, to cover the entire mouth. Due to its natural ingredients, there is no limit to the number of tablets that can be taken in a day, although InFresh suggests taking one tablet five to ten minutes after each meal. In other words, at least three times a day.



Each bottle of Natural Bad Breath costs $24.99 and contains ninety chewable tablets. Two bottles can be purchased for $39.99. Both of these deals come with a small, handy container, that can be filled with the tablets for easy carrying inside a pocket.

Possible Side Effects

After some research, no possible side effects could be found. The product most likely has none, as all the ingredients listed are all natural but since not all the ingredients are listed, we are not sure if there is a risk for potential adverse reactions.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

There is no money back guarantee or form of refund mentioned, which is unfortunate, but luckily, there are plenty of positive customer reviews to reassure potential consumers.

The Bottom Line

We liked that this product is sugar-free and lactose-free and that it is made in the United States. Furthermore, the ingredients are all natural and the chewable tablets can be taken as often as needed due to the ingredients having no listed negative side effects. Since the tablets are sugar-free, they are a great alternative to chewing gum or mints that contain large doses of sugar or sugar substitutes found in many other candies and gums. However, we didn’t like that this is a proprietary herbal blend because the amounts of each ingredient are not listed. This product also only lists three ingredients and labels everything else as other organic ingredients. This concerned since we don’t know what these ingredients are and whether or not they are indeed safe or if they may cause side effects. On top of all that,  the lack of a money back guarantee is unfortunate, for customers that are unsure if they would like to purchase this product. This is especially annoying as the price of the product is quite high compared to similar products.



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