When you child starts to grow and turn into a young adult you may notice an increase in their body odor. This isn’t something to be alarmed about, it’s something that has happened to us all. As we grow up our hormones start to develop and we then begin to create a bacteria that results in an offensive odor when mixed with sweat.Body Odor in Children

This can happen from anywhere above the 8 year old mark. Although it is possible for body odor to develop earlier, it is highly unlikely. Initiation of using deodorant for children can be a tricky task to tackle. Not only are they developing odor but they are developing themselves from within. Body odor is generally a stepping stone for puberty. Keeping in mind that body odor can come quite young at 8, it is then that the child begins the physical changes that can take years to become apparent. Think of the use of deodorant as a stepping stone to start discussing the more difficult subjects with your child.

As the child, they may be completely oblivious to their newly developed odor. This can be particularly tricky when they start to play sports and any activity that involves copious sweating. To aide in ridding the odor, get them to shower and wear fresh clothes straight after any activity. All bed linen and towels should be washed regularly to help reduce and potential odor.

Body Odor in ChildrenAlthough regular hygiene and some diet modifications can assist in reducing body odor. It is recommended that children start applying a mild deodorant. Antiperspirants should be avoided, as kids need to sweat to be healthy and maintain a regular body temperature. They can also develop an irritation, thus decreasing their likeliness of applying on a regular basis.

We need to be mindful that developing body odor in children can also indicate other issues with their health such as; Metabolic disorders, parasites or hyperhidrosis (large amount of sweating). It’s always a good idea to get a health check when your child reaches any type of milestone. Just to be safe.

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