Sometimes watching what we eat the night before isn’t enough to solve our bad breath issues. We have all been in the situation where we fumble for a fresh mint while walking down the corridor to a meeting, or waiting at the bus stop for our first date. The problem is, sometimes this smelly breath, or halitosis, isn’t always caused by what we eat. In order to effectively treat it, we need to know the root of it.

How to stop that bad breath and keep it fresh.Regular oral hygiene is imperative in order to keep up our natural defenses for a health mouth. But, we are all a little guilty of neglecting some important parts when it comes to brushing: our gums and tongue. According to Cheryl Sobieraj, who is a dentist that works in Connecticut, those of us who are still fighting off bad breath despite our good, regular mouth hygiene may be suffering from some type of infection in our sinus or a post-nasal drip. A handy tip is to use a tongue scraper that will help make sure we are removing any nasty bacteria coming from our tongues.

As perfect as we can be sometimes – we may still come across some stinky breath issues. Here are some helpful tips to help keep you smelling fresher.

Drink Plenty of Water to make sure it stays lubricated for longer. A dry mouth is terrible for the smell of our breath. So keeping it a moist environment helps keep it fresher by reducing the mouths ability to release gas.

Snack on Carrots and Celery , these water filled veges can work as a toothbrush while yours is taking a break. This is a handy tip to remember if you are out with friends and feel like a freshen up. Carrots and Celery like vegetables can act by cleaning your mouth from left over food as well as increasing the production of saliva. Two birds with one stone.

How to stop that bad breath and keep it fresh.Tea is good for you. As we have covered, keeping your mouth moist is better for your breath. Tea not only does this but it helps halt the growth of nasty bacteria smelling breath. As if we need anymore excuses to drink tea !

Take a bite on an Apple. The oxidized polyphenol fruit aides out odor in neutralizing itself. Each bite will also help scrape down the bacteria from your teeth, reducing the plaque build up and decreasing the nasty smelling bacteria.

Sip away at your black coffee. Tel Aviv University states that a routine coffee may just bring your bad breath to a halt. Remember that we can get a little dehydrated from coffee, so follow it up with some water to keep the saliva rolling.

Eat a bunch of Parsley. Not just by itself, that might not be too tasty. Scientists have discovered it to be a good dessert to garlic by neutralizing our breath just by chewing on it.

These are just a few of the handy tips around to help your breath stay fresher for longer.

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