New Discovery About the Cause and Cure of Bad Breath

Professor Yehuda Finkelstein of Israel estimates that around 90% of bad breath sufferers (halitosis) may have their tonsils to blame. It has become apparent that our tonsils may be the organ to blame that causes severe halitosis in some people.

More mild cases are generally derived from the bacteria in our gums. This can be solved with regular dental hygiene and treatment. However, the more intense, or persistent ones are generally found to be coming from the tonsils.

Our tonsils are the perfect environment for the anaerobic bacteria to set up camp in. With the intricacy of the tonsils allowing for bacteria to hide in pockets we can’t see. This was something that has been overlooked in the past, however, with an increase in tonsillitis and associated complaints of chronic bad breath, it only makes sense.

New Discovery About the Cause and Cure of Bad BreathSo what happens when Finkelstein discovers this source of our bad breath odor? He discovers a solution, of course.

After effectively delivering laser treatments for 15 minutes to 53 patients – bad breath was eradicated for good. Most of the patients were cured from bad breath after their first treatment, however, as we all differ – some did require two.

It works through vaporising any tissue that is infected and closing it off by making scar tissue form that the bacteria can’t penetrate. This can be done while the patient is awake through numbing the tonsils with a spray. Making the risks very minimal.

With such a systematic approach Dr Finkelstein is confident that the problem of bad breath from tonsils will be decreasing as we speak. So throw out your chewing gum and get ready to talk your friends ears off, fresh breath is just around the corner.

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