Sweat can start to be a real problem, especially if you are someone who suffers from particularly overpowering body odor. When we sweat we get a smell free sweat that is excreted from our Eccrine glands. The problem is when it hits the bacteria on our skin it produces the unpleasant smell we all refer to as B.O.

There are some pretty handy home remedies that can help you get through your day with lesser smelling sweat.

Using baby-wipes, rubbing alcohol or vinegar can reduce the amount of bacteria topically.

The Natural Way To Help Body OdorBaking Soda can soak up our moisture and double up at killing the bacteria, as can cornstarch.

Keeping the hair to a minimum in high sweat areas so it doesn’t trap the bacteria and sweat.

Tee Tree Oil doesn’t only smell delicious it helps kill the bacteria. Just check you aren’t too sensitive with it being on your skin.

We all love and own some essential oil like lavendar, peppermint and pine. These particular ones turn into an armu and fight off our bacteria and smell damn good while they do it. Again, test it on your skin first.

If you want to get fruity, lemon can help alter the pH level of our skin which in turns makes it more acidic. This environment makes it difficult for bacteria to survive.

The Natural Way To Help Body OdorFoods can also play a huge role in counteracting body odor. If we eat a lot of our leafy greens like kale and spinach the chlorophyll properties aide in deodorizing your body. You can also purchase Chlorophyll in liquid or tablet form – whatever is easier for you to manage.

Parsley is known to have properties that reduce our odor. Cut it up an top your salads or home-cooked pasta.

If you are sweating profusely and you don’t know why, it would probably be a good idea to see your general practitioner.  Although these remedies can aide you in smelling better, you want to make sure you are not sweating or smelling for any specific medical reason.

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