Everyday we sweat, and everyday we want to know how to fix it. Sweating is a natural occuring body process resulting in what we refer to as Body Odor. The odor is created when sweat lies dormant on the skin for a few hours, resulting in bacteria growing and creating an offensive smell. We can eliminate the smell temporarily with deodorant or assist its reduction through antiperspirants. We may even be able to eliminate our odor by preventing the growth of bacteria with herbs containing anti-bacterial properties.

Ways to reduce body odor with herbsCAMonline has found that a Mediterranean herb used in cooking known as Oregano has  anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Although this is only in their early research, they may very well be onto something. If you add a little steeped oregano liquid to your bath, you may just be on the way to improving the redolent of your sweat glands. As always be sure to check with your health professional, as Oregano can be none to interact with drugs that aide your blood clotting and can cause an imbalance in your sugar levels.

Lets jump to italy and think about all the Rosemary they use in cooking. I can smell the goodness now. It is known to be used traditionally to aide indigestion and help in the reduction of joint pain. Most recently, “The Green Pharmacy Herbal Handbook” has suggested that it is possible that Rosemary has the ability to deter Bacteria and Fungi growth. If you get the green lights from your physician, be sure to add a little into your next bath.

Ways to reduce body odor with herbsNothing feels better than getting a massage with beautiful smelling oils in a nice and relaxing environment. Now, these same Essential Oils like lavender, oregano, rosemary or sage may just aide in reducing your body odor too.

It is said to apply small amounts under your arms or on your pulse points. The odor may be reduced through the anti-bacterial properties or the sweet smelling aroma that deters the growth of bacteria. If you are a little sensitive, be careful, as essential oils can be known to be a little harsh on the skin.

Try diluting it with vegetable oils, this will allow all the important properties to stay intact whilst reducing the irritation. You should always consult with your GP pre introduction of any alternate medicine or herbs to ensure you are safe to do so.

Our all time pantry favourites such as ginger, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg have shown to decrease our body odor when baked. It is apparent that each of these herbs have agents that aide in the slowing of bacterial growth. If you mix a small amount of either of the herbs listed above with baking soda and apply to your underarms – you might just be on the way to a fresher smelling you.

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