What is Boots Smile Fresh Breath Spray?

Boots Smile Fresh Breath Spray is a product that claims to have a fresh mint flavor that deodorizes and freshens your breath. It is made to overcome the odors that are caused by eating, drinking, and smoking. It is sugar-free and can cover up bad breath caused by different foods and cigarettes. We are reviewing this in comparison to other products of similar value.


The manufacturer’s website does not have a listing of the ingredients that are contained in Boots Smile Fresh Breath Spray. Information regarding its contents could not be found via an internet search.


The directions are listed clearly on the product as well as the manufacturer’s website. It states that you need to spray the contents directly into your mouth for the relief of bad breath. You can use the product several times a day without any negative side effects.


The product can be purchased on the company’s website for $2.48 a bottle. There are several different delivery options and costs. If you pick it up from the store, then there is no shipping cost.

Possible Side Effects

There are no known negative side effects documented for Boots Smile Fresh Breath Spray.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Boots offers a 28-day return policy for all their products. If for any reason you would like to return the product, you can do so for a full refund minus any shipping costs. Items cannot be returned if they have been opened or used. If the product is not in a saleable condition, the manufacturer has the right to refuse any return of the product.

If your item was purchased in a store, you will need to check with the individual store regarding their return policy. There are several customer reviews that state the product is the best-tasting product of its kind on the market today. The reviews also state that it does not leave a bad taste in your mouth and works all day long. Some of the reviews stated that the flavor was a bit too strong. This did not prevent consumers from continually using the product.

The Bottom Line

Boots Smile Fresh Breath Spray seems like an effective product that helps cover up and eliminate bad breath caused by food, drink, and smoking. Boots has a decent return policy and a very low price. There are also numerous positive customer reviews that make it easier for consumers to make their decision regarding the product.

One issue when it comes to this product is that the ingredients are not listed on the website. This could prevent consumers from purchasing the product because they are not sure of what it consists of. However, the positive reviews could be enough to provide consumers with the right amount of confidence to purchase the product. Ingredients should be listed on the product as well as the manufacturer’s website in order to prevent any confusion related to the contents of the product.

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