What is Native Remedies DeodoRite?

Native Remedies DeodoRite is a homeopathic formula that temporarily eliminates body odors and reduces excess perspiration. The manufacturer asserts that the product addresses the root causes of odors and helps the body’s cleansing mechanisms to function better. The product aims at supporting a healthy liver to eliminate toxins which are said to be one of the leading causes of body odor.

This review will focus on the facts regarding this product is to assist potential customers in making a wise purchase.


The following is a list of the ingredients used to make this 100% homeopathic formula.

  • Calc sulph 6X HPUS
  • Silicea 8X HPUS
  • Mag Phos 8X HPUS
  • Carduus mar (Milk Thistle) 3X HPUS
  • Merc solub 30C HPUS
  • Galium 3X HPUS
  • Merc solub 30C HPUS
  • Lactose (inactive ingredient)


At the time of writing, Native Remedies Deodorite retailed at $39.95. However, the company offers a 10% discount for Auto Delivery Services (which is a subscription based service for the product). They also offer a buy two, get one free promotion.


DeodoRite comes as a tablet. The manufacturer recommends that you either chew the tablets or let them dissolve in the mouth. For those 12 years of age and above, use two tablets three times a day. For children less than 12 years of age, the dosage is one tablet, three times daily. For smaller babies, the tablets can be crushed and sprinkled onto the tongue. This remedy can be safely taken ten minutes after eating or 30 minutes after brushing your teeth. One bottle of DeodoRite remedy has 180 tablets, enough to last you 30 days when taken at the full adult dosage.

Possible Side Effects

During online research we did not find any record of adverse reactions resulting from the use of DeodoRite. However, the manufacturer recommends that:

  • This remedy is not intended for individuals with surgical implants or prostheses, although they can take it under medical supervision.
  • Pregnant women and lactating mothers should seek out a doctor’s advice before using the product.
  • If symptoms persist or worsen, consult a physician.

We found only three customer reviews which are not enough to confirm or deny the no side effects claim and hence we were unable to ascertain if somebody using this product had had side effects.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The manufacturer backs up DeodoRite with a solid one year guarantee. The company requests that you use its product for at least 30 days to test if it works for you. If the formula fails to meet your expectations for any reason whatsoever, you may return it up to one year after purchase and get 100% reimbursement, less shipping fees. Plus, the manufacturer allows you to return opened and unopened goods. The three 5-star (out of five) reviews were posted by seemingly satisfied customers on the manufacture’s website.

The Bottom Line

Native Remedies DeodoRite looks like a good prospect for people who suffer from excessive perspiration and/or strong body odors. The product comes with a confidence-building long-term return and reimbursement policy. The company is GMP certified, confirming its product quality and safety.

However, before you decide to commit your money and buy this product, this product has some drawbacks that might make a potential buyer choose to go for an alternatives Of utmost importance are customer reviews. We only found three (albeit 5-star) reviews vouching for the effectiveness of the product. Such a small number may not inspire confidence in potential buyers since customer reviews are the only tangible evidence that a product has proven effective. Secondly, the product retails at a very high price compared to comparable (or potentially even better) products on the market.

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