What is Odafree?

Odafree is a dietary supplement, that is designed to help get rid of body odor. Specifically, it is used to help reduce the smell of feces and flatulence. Odafree does not mask the smell of body odor, but instead improves the health of the body’s intestines and bowel. It also aims to reduce body odor caused by medical conditions or procedures, such as colostomy, leaky gut syndrome, and irritable bowel syndrome.


Odafree does not list their ingredients on their website. However, on their FAQ page, they do disclose that Odafree contains FOS, which encourages the growth of friendly bacteria, such as bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. Bifidobacteria can be grown outside of the body, and ingested, and is often used to help with intestinal problems such as diarrhea. Lactobacilli is often taken to help treat general digestion problems, as well as other conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease.


The recommended dosage for Odafree is two to four capsules a day. The number of capsules to be taken is determined by a person’s weight, diet, and need. Further instructions on how many capsules to take is most likely included with the product when ordered. There are no indications that this product must be taken with food or water.

It takes at least two weeks for Odafree to start to work.


The price of Odafree is $15.00 per 60-capsule bottle.

Possible Side Effects

There are two side effects that Odafree often causes. Users typically experience minor gas and bloating when they first start taking Odafree. These side effects can last anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. However, this should disappear once Odafree starts working and your bowels start to become healthier. The other side effect users may experience is slightly green stools. This is because of the Chlorophyll used in the product.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

There is no specific guarantee or return policy listed on the manufacturer’s website. However, on the FAQ page, the manufacturer claims that only two people have ever been unsatisfied with Odafree, and they were given a refund. This suggests that the manufacturer will refund customers who are unsatisfied, but with no guarantee actually clarified, this may not be the case.

Reviews can be found on the manufacturer’s site. All of them are positive and praise Odafree for getting rid of body odor.

The Bottom Line

Odafree seems to be a reliable product. It is priced extremely well, and it has great reviews. However, the manufacturer does not provide customers with a list of ingredients, meaning customers have to have faith that Odafree is as safe as it claims to be. While the reviews about the product are positive, they can only be found on the manufacturer’s website. This could suggest that only good reviews are selected, and bad reviews are deleted, which could mislead other customers. The manufacturer also does not have an actual guarantee. While they claim they have refunded unsatisfied customers in the past, there is no proof that the manufacturer actually gives refunds.

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