What is Chlorella Pyrenoidosa?

Chlorella Pyrenoidosa is an all natural nutrition supplement, manufactured by Regenerative Nutrition. This review will inform potential customers of the product, and how it works. This product contains fresh water algae and that is it and comes in tablet form that should be taken orally. Continue reading, if you would like to find out more about how this product may help with your bad breath.


The product is 100% pure dried cracked cell wall chlorella and contains no other ingredients whatsoever.


It comes in tablet form, and adults are instructed to take fifteen of the tablets daily, children between the ages of six and twelve should take eight tablets daily, and children between the ages of three and six, should take four tablets daily. These doses can be taken throughout the day with two to three tablets at a time.


This product is produced in the United Kingdom. It costs approximately $18.50 for one bottle (the price may fluctuate slightly due to the conversion rate). Regenerative Nutrition ships worldwide for an additional $6, bringing the total up to $24.50 for customers buying from the United States. The bottle is 200mg and contains 300 tablets.

Possible Side Effects

The product is all natural, so there are no known bad side effects. However, people that have a delicate or sensitive digestive system should start off by taking a few tablets each day, and gradually build up to the recommended dose of fifteen tablets a day.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Regenerative Nutrition offers a money back guarantee on this product, but, only under several conditions. The product must be received within twenty-eight days of the order date, postage will not be refunded, and no refund will be made If one-third of the product has been used.

After we conducted some research, we did not find any customer reviews for this product. The manufacturer’s website is full of positive customer testimonials, but no specific reviews relating to the Chlorella Pyrenoidosa tablets. This is unfortunate and slightly off-putting as customers will have to purchase the product blindly, without the opinions or reviews of other customers to guide them.

The Bottom Line

We liked that this product is made with natural algae. and no other additives. However, we had a few concerns. We thought that taking fifteen tablets a day seemed excessive and is not convenient for most people, which will likely lead to underdosing. We also did not like the limited return policy and that we could not find any customer reviews. The latter is definitely a downside to this product, as potential customers may struggle to figure out if the product will be right for them.

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